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      Let us know know what you’d like to see the app/frame/platform be able to do. We have very limited resources, so for now we probably won’t be able to hit them all but we’ll prioritize the features you care about.

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      I would like the ability to easily organize my own content into folders on my Canviz. Currently, I can only upload photos one at a time using ‘send’. All my uploads end up in the ‘miscellaneous’ collection in a random order.
      There should be a better way to upload and present my own content (for myself).

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      Hi, thanks for the request.

      Good news, we’ll be rolling out two features in the next few weeks that should directly address what you’re describing. One of the features will allow you to select and send multiple items from your phone to your frame at once, and the other feature will allow you to create your own collections (rather than just ‘miscellaneous’) and organize your content into those collections.

      Thanks again.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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