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      Canviz_manual_Frame_Setup_App_06During initial frame setup you will be asked to enter your WiFi info for the frame (router SSID and password). The SSID name will be pre-filled if the phone you’re using the app on is already connected to WiFi. The information you enter should be for a WiFi router that will be in proximity to the frame and your phone should be connected to it when you want to interact with your frame. Important: Your wireless router MUST have a password (so open/public WiFi will not work).


      Sometimes the frame may take awhile to get onto the WiFi network, or to let the app know that it has gotten onto WiFi. You can wait for the frame to let the app know that it has gotten onto WiFi, but if you get sick of waiting you can try these steps to fix the issue:

      1. Unplug the frame. Close and then re-open the app on your phone. Plug your frame back in. Wait 2-3 minutes for the app to display a confirmation that your frame has connected to WiFi.

      If your frame doesn’t seem to be connected to WiFi still, try the following steps:
      2. Confirm that your phone has bluetooth and WiFi turned on. You should see both of the highlighted icons in your phone’s status bar.
      3. Confirm that your phone is connected to the same WiFi network that your frame will be connecting to.


      If both of these are true and the app still doesn’t connect to the frame, then proceed with the following steps:
      Restart your phone. (Link)

      Canviz_manual_App_Customize_WiFiOpen the Canviz app.
      With the app open go to the Customize panel, by using the side menu, and tap the WiFi menu item.
      Double check that your router’s name and password info are correct, click the edit button and correct any typos then tap the submit button.


      Give the frame a few minutes, the app should eventually show a notification that says that your frame is now on WiFi. If this doesn’t happen, please follow these steps to send us some more info about your issue:

      Canviz_manual_App_Customize_report_a_bugWith the app open go to the Customize panel, by using the side menu, and tap the ‘Report a Bug’ button.
      Fill in any info related to your issues and then tap ‘send’. An email will be created for you automatically; please hit send again. We’ll review the info and come up with a solution for you.

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