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    * Feature list explained in more detail:

    a) Improved clock mode: Clock mode background becomes user customizable.

    b) Improved noteboards: Added templates, backgrounds and fonts allowing for the creation of signs for a variety of use-cases.

    c) Improved weather mode: Additional animated weather icons, improved accuracy, dynamic backgrounds.

    d) Multiple selection for sending media to the frame: When sending content to the frame from the app (via the Send panel) you would be able to select a group of images/videos all at once to be sent together rather than one at a time.

    e) Share content with other Canviz users: Post content from your collection to your Canviz account and share with other Canviz users through the Discovery panel. Other users would be able to add your public content to their collection and display it on their frame.

    f) Image scaling/cropping customization: Adjust how images are scaled/cropped when displayed on your frame.

    g) Organize your content into collections: Organize your content, in the Collection panel, by creating any number of collection groups and adding content to them.

    h) Create more than one playlist: Create as many playlists as you like, and add content and collections to playlists to easily choose what displays on your frame and when.

    i) Schedule modes for more than one period of time per day: Schedule frame modes and playlists for multiple periods of time during the day. As an example you could schedule your frame to sleep during the night and during the afternoon but be awake during the two periods of time between.

    j) Schedule modes for weekday vs. weekend: Create a frame schedule for the weekend that is different than your schedule for weekdays.

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