We’re making a digital frame and social marketplace for artists and their followers. We would love to get some information about how you work so that we can make Canviz useful to you. Thank you!

-Team Canviz

What mediums do you work in? Check all that apply.
 Paper Canvas Digital Print Sculpture Other

Why do you create artwork? Check all that apply.
 Practice craft/keep my skills sharp Inspired to create Create artwork for customers Hobby/fun It's my job Build a portfolio to find work

How often do you frame your work?
 All the time Most of the time Some of the time Never

Do you make prints or copies of your work?
 Yes No

If you work in traditional mediums, do you create digital versions of your work?
 Yes No

Check all platforms where you sell your work.
 Personal website/store Etsy Deviantart Patreon Other

Put a link to where we can buy your artwork (optional)

Check all that you sell.
 Originals Physical copies (prints, printed photos, etc.) Digital files

Do you do commissions?
 Yes No

Do you want to sell your personal artwork professionally?
 Yes No Not sure I am selling my artwork professionally

Do you work in a creative industry or position?
 Yes No

What types of customers buy your work? Check all that apply.
 Businesses Individuals Public places or display Other

If you selected "Other" above, please explain.

Check all social media platforms that you post your artwork to.

Do you follow other artists on social media channels that you post to?

How often do you post your artwork to various social media?
 All the time Most of the time Some of the time Never

Would you be interested in displaying your artwork on a Canviz frame?
 Yes No Possibly

If no, why not?

Would you be interested in being an early contributor to our social marketplace for art & photography?
 Yes No Possibly

Would you be interested in being a featured artist in the Canviz community?
 Yes No Possibly

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