The story of Canviz begins while our CEO was working at DreamWorks Animation and making animated art projects on the side. He and his wife were creating living-portraits, similar to the paintings of the Harry Potter series.. but real. He was frustrated, along with other artists, to find that there were no digital frames that would allow them to hang this work up for display. Why? Because art and photography haven’t completed the transition to digital. Because the failure of the first round of digital photo frames was seen as a lack of demand rather than a lack of market-fit. Because analog technologies set a high bar that digital technologies need to match and exceed. There are many reasons, but this frustration launched early prototypes and eventually Canviz as a company. The aim of the company is to close the loop for digital content creators, enabling them to sell their work through a digital marketplace/distribution system/display, and close the loop for the billions of digital photographers whose photos are being lost in the noise. To bring digital art and photographer to life. The team has been quietly developing Canviz for more than a year, and early customers have been testing Canviz through a closed beta program. The goal is to change the way that we share and experience art and photography with one another.


-Team Canviz