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      The frame gets the time and date from the internet, and without an internet connection will be inaccurate. Confirm that the WiFi network that your app and frame are connected to has an internet connection. Are you able to add content to your frame via the Discover or Following panels (i.e. the internet)? If your WiFi network is connected to the internet, and you frame is connected to your WiFi network (you’re able to control the frame using the app), but the time/date displayed on the frame are STILL wrong: double check that your timezone and zipcode are set, in the app’s Customize panel, and send us more information about the problem (by tapping the ‘Report an Issue’ button in the Customize panel). We’ll use the info that is sent along with your email to figure out what’s going wrong.



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      I still can’t get the date and time correct. I’m on wifi, I can connect from the app and verify I am on wifi. I can see the frame and ping it from my laptop. Is there a way I can ssh in to the frame to run some diagnostics? I’m at a loss. Is there a way to do a hard reset on the frame restoring everything back to factory new?

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