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      I really hope you get the DIY project off the ground and find a way to successfully license, monetize, and support it.

      I have been monkeying around and trying to get your current DIY plans up and running and your support has been great – though we still have some way to go.

      But it got me wondering, “are there other DIY, intelligent art/digital frame projects out there that I can build on my own?”. The answer, as I am sure you already know, is that there are not a lot, and especially none with the elegance and simplicity that yours purports to have. Most are hacks at best, and in no way have the simplicity of management through a feature rich mobile app.

      This is why I hope you are successful – when I have shown other people what I am trying to build, the universal response is, “can you build me one too!?”.

      So, whether you deliver on a shipping product, or make available a supported list of specs for DIY builders, I hope you know there will be a demand for this type of solution.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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