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      If your frame is connected to WiFi and talking to the app then the WiFi icon in the side menu of the app will be blue.


      If you’re having issues getting your frame onto WiFi, try these troubleshooting steps:

      1)  Make sure that your phone has WiFi on and that it is connected to the same WiFi router that you’re trying to connect your frame to.


      2)  Submit some info to us about the problem by tapping the “Report an Issue” button in the Customize panel of the app:


      We may be able to use the info attached to your submission to figure out what’s going on.

      3)  Check your router settings and make sure that it is using WPA/WPA2 security and has a password set. Some routers will show you what is connected to it using WiFi, if your frame is connected you’ll see “Canviz” listed there.

      4)  Check that your WiFi info for the frame is correct by going to the Customize panel and then selecting WiFi. In the WiFi panel make sure that the name and the password match your router. If they don’t, tap the “edit” button.. correct the information.. and then tap the “submit” button. Leave your app on for a minute, the frame will receive this updated info and try to connect to WiFi again.


      5)  If all else fails try rebooting your frame (if your frame isn’t connected to WiFi you’ll have to reboot it by unplugging the power cord and then plugging it back in).

      If none of this works, let us know the brand & model of your WiFi router and if anything with your WiFi has recently changed.


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      Is there any way to configure the app to accept a blank router password (i.e. I do not have a password setup on my router)?

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      @McFlavius unfortunately not at this time.

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