Living Portraits

One thing we've been thinking about more and more is the idea of living portraits. After all, Harry Potter-style portraits was one of the things that inspired Canviz. We've been looking at cinemagraphs on our frames, but with the Facebook's new profile videos and the iPhone 6s's living photos, creating your own living portraits is becoming more of a reality. We decided to delve into this deeper for ourselves and put together Portr@, an iPhone app where users take video of themselves and the app merges the best frames to create a loop of yourself. Getting your own behavior to be a perfect loop is…

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Things Are Looking Up.

Things are looking up.

For the past 12 months we have been at work developing the Canviz frame, app and site.  The journey for us began with a simple prototype that filled a need for which there was no product on the market, from there we pitched the product on Kickstarter and surpassed our goals, but we decided to take no money and bootstrap the initial development.  Canviz is now in use by a small group of early customers and the product is ready to expand.  We have been contacted by hundreds of people that want a frame, and we are hoping to scale…

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