There are a few different ways that you can add media to your Canviz frame. Some examples are described below.


You can add media to your frame using the Canviz App on your iPhone. After you have setup your frame with the app go to the side menu and select the “Send” panel. Tap the center bubble in the Send panel, this will open your camera roll and allow you to select images and movies (one at a time) on your phone. Once you’ve selected the media that you want to send to your frame swipe your finger over the bubble, dragging it towards the top of the screen. This will send the media, and you should see a success message once it has finished sending (movies and large images may take a few seconds to send over a slow WiFi connection).

Network Share

You can setup your frame as a “network share” so that it can accept files and is visible via your home network. You’ll use the Canviz app to create the network share and assign it a secure username and password (which will be needed to access it). Check the Canviz user manual for more detail. See below for examples of using the network share feature to add content to your frame using a computer running Windows or OSX.


Once you’ve set up a network share using the app, click the “My Computer” or “File Explorer” icon from the main menu. This should open a filex explorer window where you should see a “Network” link on the left-hand side. Click “Network” and this should open a window where you may see “CANVIZ” listed (if you used a workgroup that your computer and your frame both belong to). If so click on “CANVIZ” and this should bring up a dialog to enter the username and password you created in the app. If you don’t see “CANVIZ” listed, then tap the address bar at the top of the file explorer window and type into that bar “\\CANVIZ” and hit enter. You should get a dialog asking for the username and password that you created. Once you have entered the correct username and password you should see a folder called “Depot”, open that folder and add your media to this folder by dragging and dropping your files.


Once you’ve set up a network share using the app, open Finder and click on “Go” and the top of the window and then click “Connect to Server…” and enter “smb://CANVIZ” as the server address. Click on “Connect” and enter the username and password you created when you setup the share in the Canviz app. This should bring up a Finder window where you can drag and drop content directly onto your frame.


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